cap cabin

Put A Cap On It

If you love drinking soda and have your own woodland home, then we might have just the inspiration you need to spruce up that wooden exterior. Read more…


Cabin (on wheels) In The Woods

Cosy and cabin  are two words which are synonymous with each other. Modern and sleek usually aren’t but this fantastic little cabin on wheels seems to do just the job.

It’s incredible to think that so much is packed in to a space less then 21 square metres. There is a real illusion here when it comes to depth of space. Took a look at how the white walls contrast with the black of the furniture and fittings. It makes the room appear both longer and taller than it really is.

And even though it is only room, we still manage to have a little nook that seems isolated and private, even though it only 7 feet from the kitchen and 4 feet from the bed. A well spaced fire also means this cabin can be heated in a matter of minutes and make sure you won’t be taking any cold showers first thing in the morning.

Abbotts letting agent in Cambridge won’t be able to find you a cabin like this, but they are able to get you a great price on a number of rental properties across the historic city. So whether you’re after a spacious 2 bed apartment in an area like Mariner’s Way or a quiet house near Grantchester, you’ll be sure to find your own city style cabin.








winter cabin

A Truly Cosy Russian Cabin

There are two truths about Russia:

1.It is cold.
2. It is really big. Read more…

portable cabin

A Cabin On The Go

You’d be mistaken for thinking that this cabin was carefully built to fit in with its environment. Read more…


You Can Bank On This

While the current financial market is still trying to right itself one thing can be said of RBS, they have style. Read more…


Everything Is Bigger In Texas

We’ve talked about wooden homes in Asia before on the blog, but we’ve never seen asian influences taken to such great heights as this house in Texas is aiming for. Only a few miles outside of Austin this house is flush with Balinese influences. Read more…

zen house


It’s a perfect marriage of traditional housing and modern technique that we think makes for a truly stunning home. Read more…

tiered lodge

Tiering Up

When it comes to woodland homes in Japan they eschew the traditional build in favour creating zen like dream homes. Read more…

washington house

Edge Of Glory

Washington State has some gorgeous and undisturbed woodlands out there. This beautiful home aims not to disturb of that by situating itself on the edge of Squak Mountain.  Read more…

diamond pod

Diamond Cutter

A retreat in the woods is always a good way to feel rejuvenated as you get in touch with nature and live the simple life. Read more…

biomass factory

Biomassive Scale

It’s not everyday you’ll see a whole power plant modelled like a cabin, but we managed to find this stunning building in America that is made to look like it’s part of mother nature. Read more…